Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 17 Experts


Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Days to the Voice of Hope Listeners


This episode the Tomorrow Legion provides a panel of experts to Beacon to provide the SET with information on the various challenges and opportunities that the Tomorrow Legion in facing in North America.  And afterwards Robin and Sean Bircher and Sean Roberson, the line developers for Savage Rifts stick around to talk about the upcoming Kickstarter for the three new Savage Rifts books, Blood and Banes, Arcana and Mysticism, and Empires of Humanity.  I really appreciate them and the PEG team for allowing them to come on the show and discussing these new additions to the line.


Note the was some interference during the interviews, so some of the audio comes in a little broken.


Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 17 Shownotes

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