Feb 17, 2019

El Dorado Broadcast Radio Episode 5

Dwayne returns with some updated information about the Convoy from Kingsdale. 

Feb 9, 2019

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 19: The Decision of Lord Coake

Beacon is requested to record a session of the Council of Hope deciding the proper course of action concerning the mission to Rescue the Iron Heart Avengers stuck deep within Mexico.  Lord Coake, Councilor Comstock and Mayor Hensen discuss the vote and alternatives to the mission.

At 23:00 minutes you can listen to an interview with Kevin Siembieda, the President of Palladium Books, Sean Patrick Fannon, the author of Savage Rifts and head of Evil Beagle Games, and Cameron Cleveland, the head of the Rifts Living Campaign Club.

Savage Rifts Episode 22 To SWADE

General McGruder Tomorrow Legion Disposition Briefing

General McGruder Tomorrow Legion Disposition Briefing notes

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Episode 19 Shownotes

Jan 14, 2019

All Tomorrow Legion Teams please standby…

To all Tomorrow Legion Teams in the field and all listening to Refuge Radio, the following is a digital notification......

The Council of Hope Emergency Session has recessed and Lord Coake, honorary member advising the Council in the High Defenders absence has asked for a all bands broadcast of the Voice of Hope.  Lord Coake himself will address the members of the Tomorrow Legion and the sentients of Castle Refuge...

I am pleased to announce that Lord Coake, and his real world persona Kevin Siembieda will be on the next episode of the Voice of Hope podcast.  We will be talking about the world of rifts, Savage Rifts and what is coming up for Rifts.  Also remember that the christmas surprise package purchasing ends tomorrow 15 January at noon.


See you next episode!


Jan 1, 2019

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Episode 18 - Challenge and Opportunity

Happy New Year Legionnaire's! Beacon is back with the latest transmission for the SET exploring Rifts Earth.  The Council of Hope and the Legion has experienced a number of challenges and opportunities that have the possibility of creating a better tomorrow.

Also in the episode I have friend join me on the show.  Kacey Ezell, fellow air force pilot, and author of Minds of Men, and Assassins ((Books by Kacey Ezell)

Finally I would like to apologize.  I recently received some new equipment and software, and the sound quality is kind of echo-y.  I just wanted to warn you, but I hope you still enjoy the episode.

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Episode 18 Shownotes

Nov 23, 2018

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 17 Experts

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Days to the Voice of Hope Listeners


This episode the Tomorrow Legion provides a panel of experts to Beacon to provide the SET with information on the various challenges and opportunities that the Tomorrow Legion in facing in North America.  And afterwards Robin and Sean Bircher and Sean Roberson, the line developers for Savage Rifts stick around to talk about the upcoming Kickstarter for the three new Savage Rifts books, Blood and Banes, Arcana and Mysticism, and Empires of Humanity.  I really appreciate them and the PEG team for allowing them to come on the show and discussing these new additions to the line.


Note the was some interference during the interviews, so some of the audio comes in a little broken.


Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 17 Shownotes

Oct 31, 2018

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 16 Avengers Tentacles and Retribution

Happy Halloween listeners.  Beacon is hitting the airwaves with the latest Voice of Hope.  From the sounds of it, events in North America might seem pretty dire and need the Tomorrow Legion to step up in a big way.

Dustin Smith Anything can happen Thursdays Warrior Princess

Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 16 Shownotes


Sep 30, 2018

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Podcast Episode 15 Diplomacy, Kingsdale, and Cyborgs

Hooks up your Techno-Mage Decryption Devices.  Beacon has a new episode about the Tommorrow Legion's diplomatic efforts, and Beacon gives you a little more info about his nemesis.

Savage Rifts Voice of Hope Episode 15 Shownotes

The Red Dawn Chronicles

Savage Rifter Episode 19

Savage Rifter Episode 20

Sounds like Crowes Actual Play podcast

Sep 3, 2018

Eldorado Broadcast Radio Episode 4

Beacon dust off another archived radio broadcast from El Dorado Broadcast Radio.  This episode Dwayne is information everyone about the lastest information (at the time) about vampires and raiders in the Lone Star Terriroty and provides some updates on the Kingsdale Convoy and the New Arcadia Dragon's Claws.  


VoH Archive El Dorado Broadcast Radio Episode 4

Aug 17, 2018

Episode 14 Season 2 - New Security

Welcome back for Season 2.  Beacon Returns with word on what has been going on since the last VoH Broadcast, some new security, and some truth.


Voice of Hope Episode 14 Season 2

May 28, 2018

El Dorado Broadcast Radio Episode 3

Another episode pulled from the Voice of Hope podcast archives.  Dwayne provides some more details on the world of rifts in 100 PA.

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