The Voice of Hope Announcements

The Voice of Hope on the Wild Die Podcast

I received the honor to be invited onto the Wild Die Podcast along with Victor Diaz from the Savage Rifts G+ community to talk about Savage Rifts and the world of Rifts.  It was a great time, and I hope you enjoy it.

Savage Rifter Episode 1 Released
Victor Diaz from the Savage Rifts G+ community and Gary MacCallum from the Wild Die podcast have started The Murder Hobbo Show - Savage Rifter episode 1.  It is a great show diving into the mechanics of Savage Rifts.  They are starting out going through the Tomorrow Legion Players Handbook.

Savage Rifter Episode 2 Released
The Savage Rifter Episode 2 has been released.  This episode Victor and Gary start talking about the Iconic Frameworks Chapter, focusing on the Combat Cyborg. It was a great discussion.  I would like to thank Victor and Gary for the Voice of Hope Shout out!.  Also
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